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Gamelan Degung

Degung is a very popular form of gamelan music, with a solid beat, catchy phrases and melodious bamboo flute.

In its simplest form, degung includes the following instruments:

goong : a large hanging bronze gong with a deep, undulating sound
jengglong : set of small hanging bronze gongs
panerus : low-pitched multi-key bronze metallophone
peking : high-pitched multi-key bronze metallophone
bonang : v-shaped bronze gong chime
kendang : set of two-headed barrel drums
suling : 4-hole bamboo whistle flute

The instruments are tuned to a five-pitch scale called pelog degung; in western terms, the pitches of pelog degung, from high to low, are approximately G - F# - D - C - B.

Modern degung ensembles may also include extra bronze keys and pots that allow the ensemble to change its tuning to another Sundanese scale called sorog, which, in Western terms, is approximately C - B - G - F# - E. The new scale opens up new possibilities for arrangements.  (Source: Pusaka Sunda)

Some of influential figures of this genre are, among others, Barman Sahyana (vocalist), Ida Widawati (female vocalist), Nano S., Maman Rukman, Uking Sukri, Mang Engkos, and Mang Eutik.

Below are some sample clips of degung in real audio format.


Ujung Laut
Karedok Leunca
Karatagan Pahlawan
Sorban Palid
Angin Peuting