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Tanah Sunda was the area that the Dutch, after gaining control in the 1600s and 1700s, planted massive tea and coffee plantations and forced the Sundanese farmers to work these plantations. A distinctive blend of coffee called "java" came from these plantations in western part of Java island.

Tanah Sunda is at the economic, political and international hub of Indonesia, since it surrounds the national capital of Jakarta. It also most productive, yielding more agricultural products and manufactured goods than any other parts of the country. Several key universities are also located in this land. They are Institute of Technology of Bandung (ITB), University of Pajajaran (Unpaj), Institute of Agriculture of Bogor (IPB), IKIP Bandung (Institute that prepares academic instructors for elementary to high schools), and Parahyangan University. Because of that situation, many other Indonesian (from other provinces) come to Tanah Sunda for living and it makes the land the most populous province in Indonesia with more than 35 millions inhabitants.



Sundanese people share the island of Java with other Malayan people: Javanese people. Sundaneses people primarily live in their home province in Tanah sunda (western part of Java island), while the Javanese people inhabit the central and eastern part of Java island. By 1998, the Sundanese people comprise approximately 13.6% of the population of Indonesia, numbering approximately 30 million people. Although Sundanese people live in the geographical island of Java, they consider themselves a distinct cultural area called Sunda. Someone moving from West Java Province to Central or East Java Provinces, is literally said to be moving from Sunda to Java.


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